How Do You Tell A Fat Bird To Exercise?

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….. very carefully is the answer.

I’ve just been on MSN talking to someone from Malta who was almost in tears about her weight problem. She is typical diet changer, she will try any diet for one week and then move to another one most probably before the diet has had a chance to do anything.

She was telling me that she has recently been taking a diet pill that she ordered from the internet called Fenphedra. I’ve heard about these diet pills before but always thought they were a scam.

What they do is they stimulate some chemicals in your body that make you not as hungry as you normally would be. To be honest I’ve found drinking water does pretty much the same thing for me.

I tried to tell her that getting some exercise is the best way to lose weight but how do you tell a crying overweight woman to exercise without having your testicles violently removed?

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

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