How Did I Get Home?

I turned up at training today to be told that only four of us had bothered to turn up, me, Jayson, Jack & Andy. Thankfully Jayson decided that we will have a little bit of a kick about and then bugger off to the pub.

Jack & Andy declined so it was down to me, Jayson, Kerry and the new love of her life Ruby. We headed over to the family pub just around the corner an had a couple of beers in there. Well I did they both drank Coke.

In fact when we went on to another pub they continued to drink Coke whilst I stayed on the beer. It was an OK night, I actually had a laugh.

I got chatted up by a Latvian girl at the bar even though hr boyfriend was sitting at a table not too far away and we got to see a couple having a row and the woman battering him around the head and him crying.

The last thing I remember is being told “This is your bus” the next thing I know I wake up and I’m on a train and it is just leaving Liverpool Stret station. Then I wake up in bed at 9am the next morning.

I had flashbacks during the course of today, I remember getting off the bus after a stop to get something to eat (but I have no recollection of what I bought), I remember taking the dog out and then drinking some water and popping some Nurofen.

When I opened my football bag, to clear out the gear for Thursday, I found two bottles of fizzy drink, three packets of McCoy chrisps, a Bounty chocalate bar and a bunch of grapes.

The thing that puzzled me is that I often fall asleep on the train home from training (with or without alcohol) and I always wake up at Liverpool St station which is the stop before Bethnal Green. I find that quite spooky.

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