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I have recently dropped my current satellite company as I was far from happy with their service and the way that their telephone staff treat their customers when they contact them to complain about the service.

Sadly in the UK there are not that many options when it comes to getting satellite installed into your home. Now in the US, on the other hand, you have lots of companies and because there are lots of them they drop their prices in a bid to entice you to use them.

Hughes Net is just one of the many companies doing the rounds overseas.

Hughes Net offers not only have some good deals on getting satellite installed into your home but they also do a good deal on satellite Internet into the bargain.

At the moment they are running a deal where you get free installation, $100 back by mail-in rebate and $50 for every person that you refer to them who take out their own subscription. Not a bad Hughe Net Deal if ever there was one!

Hughes Net satellite Internet is very popular in the US as many rural areas of the country are still unable to access cable (in this day and age!) so satellite Internet is the perfect answer.

According the blurb on their site it is 30 times faster than dial up, won’t interfere with your phoneline, can be used anywhere where you live and is very easy to set up.

The deal that I mentioned above runs out on April 24th so I’d hurry if I were you!

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