Help Me Name My Dog

I had my dog of 13 years put to sleep about ten months ago after it was discovered, during an examination, that she had a tumour in her stomach that had gone undetected and had burst.

Well in the morning I am going to pick up my new puppy, a seven week old purebred Staffordshire bull terrier. She is the only one left in the litter and she ether goes to a good home or to the RSPCA who will probably put her down.

She is black with a white patch on her face. My brother’s friend (the guy who breeds these dogs legally) has called it Blackie in a lame attempt at humour, living on an estate with lots of ethnic people I can hardly keep on calling her Blackie.

So I am looking for a name for her.

I have racked my brains but can not come up with anything suitable (the best I could come up with was Scruffy after the dog on New Tricks but that sounds daft for a Staff) so I am opening the floor to people.

That is correct, I want you guys to help come up with a name for my new little friend.

To help you I will tell you that:

– She is very friendly and puts her head into everything (don’t leave you bag around or she’ll be in it!)
– She is rather dopey
– She chews anything and everything in sight.
– She loves her food.

If you can think of a name that will suit her then simply leave a comment to this post and I will paw (pun intended) over the names and announce the result. Your prize shall be that nice warm glow knowing that you helped name my new best friend. 🙂

Image by Randy Rodriguez from Pixabay

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