Hello, Remember Me?

Yes, I am still alive.

I have just been very lazy in updating my blogs over the past month or so. I say “blogs” because I now have four of them. This one, one about making money online, one about music, and one about professional wrestling training schools that I am still working on.

I have decided to start writing again because I am now unemployable and need something to occupy my mind while I am stuck at home, and cleaning can only keep me busy for so long, my house has never looked so clean and tidy.

And, hopefully, I can make a bit of money with them, but if I don’t then that is OK, because I have specifically picked topics that I have a genuine interest in, so if I make nothing then I won’t abandon them as I did in the past with genres like American law, student loans, and mesothelioma – Yes, I really did run a blog about a type of cancer.

I’ve also not been updating this blog because life has been rather boring lately, apart from my running training being on point nothing has really been happening to warrant writing on a daily basis.

But that is about to change.

Just to update you all:

The missus is still a pain in the arse, the kids continue to drive me up the wall, and the dog is still as mad as ever.

Image by GimpWorkshop from Pixabay

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