Hedonism: Perfect Resort For Adult Holidays

My previous post about adult only holidays seemed to be an eye-opener as I had only had it up for about five minutes before I started getting emails asking me to post more information, so here it is.

Super Club are a holiday company that aim at booking adult vacations, that means that no children are permitted, this can be an absolute god send for those of us who do not have children and do not wish to have other children running amok around us whilst we are trying to relax.

One of their fantastic all inclusive resorts is situated in Negril, Jamaica, and is called Hedonism II according to their web site. According to their web site you can live like a slob (don’t make your bed, stay out as late as you want, don’t clean up, etc), I wonder how many people have wished they could do that!

I Island itself is very beautiful, doing a simple search of Google Images for Jamaica will produce a host of pictures that will quite simply take your breath away. You have mountains which can be climbed, and you can swim in their unpolluted clear seas.

I do not hate kids (I love my two nieces and two nephews to pieces) but sometimes you want to get away, from them and especially when you are on holiday, Super Club is a perfect choice for this.

Image by Viola ‘ from Pixabay

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