Happy (Un)Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday. I do not celebrate my birthdays anymore, I stopped doing this when I was about 15 as I saw it as just another day in the calendar. I never actually celebrated other people’s birthdays either, which made me a very popular person ….. as you can imagine.

But this year I decided to stop being such a miserable old bastard and I have started to buy people presents for their birthdays. I still refuse to celebrate my own birthday though and I don’t feel comfortable with people buying me presents either.

Basically due to certain incidents that have happened to me as a youth I no longer trust people. So if somebody buys me a present, or is nice to me, then I instantly question their motives as I believe that nobody does anything for anybody without wanting something in return or trying to gain some form of advantage.

Yes, I am aware of how cynical that makes me sound.

Photo by Shannon Pifko from FreeImages

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