Happy New Year

I thought I was going to have a quiet night in on New Year’s Eve but Reiss called and asked me if I wanted to go out with him and Jen to a pub.

After finding out that virtually all of the pubs in Bethnal Green seem to have been reserved for parties we finally managed to get in at The Hare. It is a bit of a shit hole but at least the beer is OK and it is not packed to the rafters with the normal kind of scum you find in Bethnal Green.

Jen got me a book about wrestling which I was really pleased with. The only draw back was the book did not include the excellent Les Kellett, but that is more the fault of the doughnut who wrote the book.

It was actually a decent night I thought. I played pool, drank tequila and even had a bit of a dance after being dragged to my feet by some random girl at the end of the night.

I lost my debit card, which means I had to phone up my bank to get a new one, this will take bloody ages and until it arrives there will be no trips to the pub for me.

The guy on the phone said 2-4 days so we will see if it gets here by Saturday. The last time I had to get a new one it took two months because they somehow sent it to the wrong house, a house I have never lived in!

Photo by Bill Kolios from FreeImages

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