Happy New Year, Grumpy

I was forced to keep my New Year’s Eve plans under wraps this year because there seemed to be a lot of people ready to jump down my throat when I would bring up the subject or ask them what they would be doing on the night. When did this start happening? Every year more and more people turn into miserable bastards and mumble about how it is just another day and that they will be in bed by 10pm.

Is it a money thing because it has come just a week after Christmas? I don’t know if this reason holds water because everybody will know of at least two people who are having a house party, maybe these people just get more pleasure going to bed early and moaning at the noise created by other people enjoying themselves?

I met up with Reiss and we decided to spend our night at the Mucky Pup, we have done this a few times before and it has always been an enjoyable evening and things can go on for quite a bit, depending on how drunk the landlord gets.

As we peered into the pub window on our way in we both commented on how quiet the place was and that we hoped that it would pick up later, although I believe that Reiss secretly had the same thought as me of it not getting too crowded later on.

It is definitely a sign of me getting old that I’m more interested in bagging myself a seat in a pub these rather than try and pull the girls, although I don’t think my girlfriend would be too happy if I continued doing that, they can be rather touchy with things like that.

At midnight I went outside to phone the girlfriend as I was commanded to do but by about 3am I was starting to fall asleep in my chair, not from drink but just form the fact that I was tired and hadn’t had my afternoon nap. That’s right I need an hour of sleep in the afternoon to get me though the rest of the day.

By about 3:30 we headed home and while on the bus a drunk woman took my glasses so she could see through them and as a thank you she kissed my bald head and then stroked it until we got off. Which is more sex than Reiss has had all year! Oooooooh!!!

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