Hanging Up The Boots

It was not an easy decision for me to make, anybody who knows me will tell you that I love playing football more than anything in the world. But as of now I have officially called it a day playing football at league level. I have hung up my boots as they say.

I did make the decision rather quickly. The main reason was because Reiss plays for the same team that I play for and although he can go and fuck himself it would only cause more problems if I turned up at football and caved his fat face in. It would get him even more sympathy and he would just love that.

I wish I could say this was the sole reason but it isn’t.

If I am being honest with myself I have been struggling to keep my head above water for the past couple of years. I think the only reason Acton Town kept me on their books for five years was because they struggled to find players and I kept them afloat with fines I got from bookings and red cards.

I am no real big loss to the team though, they played two small games on Sunday without me and won them both quite convincingly, and to be honest Wayne has been able to do most of the organising without me so it seems the club will not stumble without me at the helm. 🙂

Wayne and a few others have been trying to get me to change my mind but I think my mind is pretty much made up this time. It would either be me or Reiss that would have to leave and since almost all of his friends play for the team it makes more sense for me to walk.

It is a shame because I was looking forward to having a couple more seasons before stepping down.

A rather boring day today although it was about midday I was still feeling quite light-headed from the night before, almost like I was still drunk. Mind you I did put away a fair few pints the night before. Maybe it is age creeping up on me.

I briefly spoke to Thes online who was in a very good mood after one of her friends cheered her up the night before. That was good as it made me feel slightly cheery myself. When she is happy it is quite infectious! 🙂

I was put in a bad mood later on in the day when I went to the shop and was called a fat bastard by a woman who had a gut that looked like she was concealing Mount Etna under her jumper!

When I go to the shop these days I tend to take the long way around for some reason. Instead of cutting through the estate I will walk down the side of the estate around my nephew’s school and up Bonner Road. Then I will walk down Bishops Way and walk along Cambridge Heath Road and go home via the Vicky Park route.

Every time I walk along Cambridge Heath Road I notice that the new exit signs shop that has cropped up always has some new displays in the front window. They are always lit up which makes me believe that the owner does not care about his carbon footprint.

On the way home I saw a woman on an old rickety bike that was rattling and groaning every time she pushed her foot onto the peddles, but she did not care. She had a smile on her face like she had not a care in the world, that made me smile for a couple of minutes.

Image by Tonny Nijkrake from Pixabay

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