Had A Nice Time On My Own

Yesterday I had planned on going to Camden on my own for an evening of drinking, being moody and offending new people. I made it as far as the train at Bethnal Green station. I got on and the carriages were awash with drunk people being loud & happy, plus there were puddles of vomit in the corner.

I got off at Liverpool Street and went back to Bethnal Green, I thought I might as well stick to the pubs in Bethnal Green as I’m lazy and won’t have far to go home.

I went to a pub called The Old George, the same pub that me & Thes were forced to flee from thanks to a Tom Jones impersonator, and I was the only customer in. It felt weird being the only person in the pub. So weird that I quickly drank my pint and walked around to The Misty Moon which was also bloody empty.

The third pub I went into was The Dundee Arms and yet again I was the only person there. What is going on? Is someone contacting these pubs and warning them to get their customers to leave because a weird offensive prick is about to turn up?

I prefer drinking on my own these days. I’m not the best of company at the moment as I’m normally in a grumpy or angry mood and don’t particularly wish to inflict that on other people, especially if I happen to like them. It can be nice to be on your own. I saw a woman have a screaming row with her boyfriend/husband and I just smiled to myself and thought how lucky I was that I keep the hell away from relationships.

The fourth pub I went into, The Hare, broke my duck, it had one other person in but he left as soon as I sat down but a group of Wolves fans turned up. I annoyed the young barmaid by having the nerve to want to be served. She wanted to sit on her bum and text her mates. I annoyed her further by thinking up as many different reasons of going to the bar (drinks, crisps, nuts, cigarettes & lighter) just to get her off her seat.

I went into a pub called The Victory. I like going in here because the regulars make you feel welcome. I got involved in a rather in depth discussion with an arty woman at the next table about relationships. She was telling her friend about how wonderful her new relationship was and that she should get herself a boyfriend. I obviously scoffed rather loudly because we then indulged in a debate on the subject that lasted over and hour.

Mainly her trying to express the joys of it and me countering with every possible bad point a relationship brings. I probably came over as rather weird, and she did tell me she thought I had a misanthropic outlook on life (which is true), but it was enjoyable and it passed the time.

I then headed home and annoyed pissed off some people online.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

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