Guitar Pick Art

Richard Herring wrote in his blog yesterday about seeing a broken plate that had been artistically placed into the border of someone’s front garden in Hammersmith and wondered if there was some kind of weird artist lurking around Hammersmith as he had seen a few other things like this in the same border over the years and doubted it was the house owner.

Today I was walking the dog around my estate before football when I noticed someone had left some guitar picks on the grass, on further inspection I noticed that the person who had put them there had arranged them so that looked like petals going around a dog turd.

Now THAT is a weird form of art!

If there did not have dog poo on them then I might have picked them up and given them to the bands who will be performing at my event next month, after all you can never have too many picks in your guitar pick holders.

Photo by beth tusch from FreeImages

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