Grum-pee Dean! Grum-pee Dean!

I was having a couple of beers in a local pub today when I finally realised that the reason all this shit has happened to me lately is because I’m being nice to people. The more I thought back the more I realised that when I’m nice people take advantage.

Don’t worry I have examples.

When I worked in Walthamstow I would get lots of people asking me for either money or cigarettes. If I said yes to one they would then ask me for the other and then seek me out every time they saw me. The times I turned around and growled “no, now fuck off!” they would avoid me next time they saw me.

I really have tried being nice but as we saw yet again someone took full advantage of that niceness. This past week I have been trying to hold my anger inside, I could literally feel myself coiling up like one of those spring plungers (go on, I’ll wait while you Google what they are).

But now I think ‘Grumpy Dean’ needs to make a reappearance, and for good this time.

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