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Almost everybody will have heard of Sat-Nav, a piece of equipment that you place in your vehicle(s) to help you get to your destination without getting lost. But what you can not do with it is track where your vehicle is, or a fleet of vehicles if you run your own trucking company.

What you need is the GPS Insight vehicle tracking system from

GPS Insight vehicle tracking system is a handy little piece of kit that can assist your company to track every single activity of all the vehicles that you own in your company. It allows your company to find out exactly where your vehicle is located at any given time. It will give you a detailed report of where your vehicle is and it will show you in nice spiffy graphical images like the one below.

Not only that but it also gives you extra details like how fast your vehicle is travelling, where it has been (in case some of your drivers decide to nip off somewhere they shouldn’t) and more. This enables you to be able to check that your drivers are doing their jobs correctly. So in short you will be able to gain a full summary of every driver’s daily activities.

Another great feature is that if one of your driver’s stops their vehicle then you iwll be able to find out just how long they had stopped for. And all this for a mere $1.50-$2.00 per day for every vehicle that you own (the more vehicles that you own then the cheaper it will become).

No more drivers pretending they are working when they are not, no more wasting your feul, gone are the days when you won’t be able to find the quickest route to destinations.

If you find that you run into difficulties when trying to use the program then have no fear because GPS Insight have a very detailed GPS Insight support wiki for customers which should be able to provide you with the solution to almost all problems that you may come across. This cuts down waiting time so you do not have to wait for their support team to get back to you.

But just in case you can not find the right answer to your question then you can email their support team.

You can also check out their Blog for GPS vehicle tracking which is stacked full of useful and informative articles and posts that will help you to get the most and best out of your tracker. It also houses a huge range of pictures so you can see the software in action.

If you run your own company that has vehicles then you need to get hold of this software, you business will thank you in the long run.

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