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If you ask many bloggers what they think about the Google PR feature they will most probably give a negative view on it. After all you want to build your blog for you and your readers, not to please some racist mechanical spider who crawls web sites dictating how it wants your blog/web site to look.

If you wish to make an income from your blog then PR is very important because most companies look at your PR to distinguish whether they will get a valid return on their investment in advertising on your blog.

I do not think PR should make a difference but sadly we are minority and advertisers demand PR so we have to bend to them if we want to take their money.

The recent Google PR update has hit Dean Saliba Dot Com incredibly hard, possibly harder than it has hit any other blog this time. For this recent update saw the blog drop from a PR2 blog to a PR0 blog.

This is where the PR thing becomes unstable an inconsistent. I update this blog on average twice a week now and I link build most days, all my content is unique and yet I drop to a PR0.

Look at my brother’s blog he updates about once a fortnight and does no link building at all yet he went up from a PR0 to a PR1 and he has only been running his blog for a month!

As you can imagine this has hurt me very badly as it was hard enough making an income with a PR2 blog, now I have a PR0 blog it is going to become that much more difficult.

It is not all bad news though, my I Need Discipline blog has risen from a PR0 to a PR1 (when I purchased the domain it was a PR3 but fell to PR0 because it was inactive).

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