Goodbye My Neighbour

I bumped into my neighbour who lives above me yesterday, he complimented me on how much nicer the garden was looking since we moved in and then said that he and his girlfriend/wife were moving out later that day. Despite only speaking every now and again I was taken aback by how sad I was to see them go.

I would bump into him once or twice a month and we would always exchange pleasantries but the real reason I was sad to see him go is because they never made ANY noise and if they were making noise they would warn us it was about to happen and then apologise for it later.

Knowing my luck I will probably get some noisy family who think it is perfectly OK to throw their shit and rubbish into my garden, like I don’t have enough of those living above me already.

As I was coming home from the shop later on I saw him struggling on his own to put the last of his items into a van, I decided to help him and was rewarded with a few things he wasn’t taking, computer cables, plants and a standsandmounts which was handy because we had been toying with the idea of putting our flat screen TV on the wall recently.

I remember when we first moved in and one of his towels had blown off his line and fell into our garden, I tossed it back up to his balcony and later that day I received a card through the door saying how grateful they were for me giving their towel back.

The front room is being painted today so I spent the evening moving items out of the front room and putting sheets over the stuff that was too big to be moved (no I didn’t put a sheet over myself). I don’t know how I am going to keep a hyperactive dog confined to one room for 24 hours, I don’t want hairs all over the freshly painted walls & doors. :)

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