Good Idea For A Fancy Dress Costume?

My mate Reiss likes to tell a story on his blog about his mum coming home one day from work with some scrubs for him to wear in bed because he was having trouble finding comfortable night attire .

It sounds silly but it is actually not a bad idea. It would not be the kind of thing for me, of course, as I don’t like wearing too much in bed. A pair of undies and that is about as much as I can handle. ;)

Thanks to the internet you can even buy them online, which is nice because I’ve been invited to a night out next month and we all have to dress up as cartoon characters and I’m thinking a nice white lab coat will help me with my Dr Death costume. :)

Although I have wondered if Dr Death is more suited to Halloween. Maybe I can go as in a sexy nurse uniform. Are there any nurse cartoon characters?

Photo by Lisa Setrini-Espinosa from FreeImages

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