Good Deed Went Horribly Wrong

I have shaved my beard so I now no longer look like Neil Fallon from the band Clutch, this fact saddens me deeply. My self-consciousness stops me from growing a proper beard, it gets to a certain period and then it makes me look like a paedophile so I shave it, especially now I work in a school!

I was on my way to work today when I saw a toddler run in front of me. His mother was running after him trying to catch him so he could not run into the road, the toddler thought it was a game and ran faster towards the road.

She made several attempts to grab him but he just managed to avoid her. He was at the kurb and was about to run into the road, I saw a car coming, his mother made another attempt at grabbing him and failed so I grabbed him by the arm and gently pulled him onto the pavement, thus saving him from being squished.

His mother grabbed him and yelled at me “get your fucking hands off my son!” before dragging him to her pram. I was slightly annoyed at this and so were the people who had stood and witnessed what I had done. One of the women I work with was walking with me and she yelled at the mother “You ungrateful fucking bitch, he just stopped your kid from being killed!”

I said forget about it and carried on walking, halfway down the road I turned around to see a man running up to us. He said he was the boy’s dad and wanted to apologise for his mother’s outburst and shook my hand to thank me for pulling him out of the way.

To be honest it fucking annoyed me the way she reacted. I was the only one who stepped in as there were about a dozen people standing by watching. A couple of months ago, when I was in my moody/angry period, I probably would have just watched the kid step into the road and not help for fear of being thought of as a weirdo who touches children.

I thought grabbing him and pulling him back onto the pavement was the right thing to do. The sad thing is that due to the way his mother acted I will now probably think twice about stepping in next time something like this happens.

The supervisor at work is on holiday which means the assistant supervisor, Laura, is in charge. She is really cool and is not as strict as Sue (the supervisor). Laura and the other two women (Jamelia & Caroline) are very cheeky and like to tease me because I’m shy …. the bitches! 😀

I’m ordering the Sky combo deal on Friday. That basically means Sky Plus, Sky phone line and Sky broadband. Some time this week my mobile broadband contracts will end which means I’ll be offline until Sky activates the combo package.

It will be cheaper for me as I will go from paying £110.00+ a month to paying £25.00 a month as the bill will be around £50.00 but all bills are split between me and my dad. I’m getting rid of the contract phone as well as I barely use it to warrant spending £35.00 a month on the line rental.

More money to spend on my little holiday in September which has gone from nine days to seven days to a weekend. More about that tomorrow I think. I need sleep.

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