Going Home

Home time today! But before I can breathe in the smoggy fumes emitted around London I must first do some shopping with the girlfriend, her daughter and her son. We needed to get his head properly shaved as his mum had tried to do I the day before but they left big clumps of hair and he looked like his hair had fallen out from chemotherapy.

We got the bus into Manchester City Centre where I was left to roam a massive shopping mall for an hour with the daughter and her son while the girlfriend went to a course to help her get back to work. We were walking when suddenly a bloke appeared and said “his trousers have fallen down, love” and we looked and her son’s trousers had fallen right down.

Going up escalators the daughter was scared and almost did the splits much to the amusement of everyone watching us. After doing a bit of browsing we met with the girlfriend, did a bit more browsing and then 30 minutes before my coach was due to leave we walked around to the coach station.

I told them not to wait for me as the daughter was annoyed at having to wait 30 minutes and her son was getting cranky so we said goodbye and I waited for the coach.

I managed to grab a table again and this time I only had to share it with a woman who was definitely not traveling with any children so there would be no danger of her whipping out her boobs like on the journey up. She did keep me entertained by her reading a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey and making little noises while squirming in her seat.

Someone had brought a baby with them on the coach and it started screaming for the last THREE HOURS of the journey, as we pulled into Victoria they declared that they had been on the coach since it left Glasgow for TEN HOURS! How can you bring a 6 month old baby onto a 10 hour coach journey with no stops? Megabus doesn’t let people get off unless they arrive early at their stops.

Some people have no common sense.

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