God Is Punishing Me

I was walking down Bethnal Green Road with my girlfriend and we decided to pop into a little charity shop, it was a shop where one of my sisters worked but I had forgotten this otherwise I would have avoided it like the plague. 😛

My sister came out from the back room to say a quick hello and I picked up a couple of CDs that were a bargain at 10p each. My day was soiled, however, by a complete and utter cunt.

We were looking at what they were selling on the counter when one of the pisshead’s from my estate went up to the counter and told the woman he wanted to buy a top that he plonked on the counter. The lady took a quick look and told him she could not sell it to him as he had tampered with the price tag (they often come in and switch the tags) so she had to re-price it.

He swore at her and then stormed out, as he stormed out he barged my girlfriend almost to the floor (it was only her being near the counter that stopped her falling), I yelled at him and wanted to go after him but my girlfriend isn’t the fighting type so I will have a quiet word with him and my fist when I see him on my own.

When I got home I found that my DVD player had stopped working, why am I being punished in this way? If there is a God how can he continuously subject me to rude cunts and then make my DVD player die. He is a horrible man/woman/

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