Glastonbury 2008 Highlights

I am currently sitting here watching the highlights of Glastonbury on BBC 3 and I am watching Amy Winehouse on stage and I am actually cringing as she warbles and mumbles her way through You Know I’m No Good.

I’m not sure if she has simply forgotten the words to her own song, or if she just can not be bothered, but she is mumbling incoherently through parts of the song like most people do when they don’t know the lyrics.

I’m only watching to see Shakin’ Stevens, I bet they either show him at the end or they do not even show him at all! You show Amy Winehouse and Hot Chip but Shaky does not get a mention? That will be disgraceful!

On yesterday’s highlights they had The Gossip on stage and I was laughing out loud as I watched as Beth Ditto was jumping and wobbling around so much that she could not muster the breath to sing most of the chorus to her song!

And what the hell was she wearing?!

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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