Glad To Be Going Home

I could not wait to get up, get my things together and get the coach back to London. I really have had a horrible time this weekend and to be honest I’m not sure I will be in such a hurry to come back up next weekend.

We popped into the house she stays at first for a brew.

Where Tracy stays is weird. She lives in a house with her two sons, her ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend of 6 years. Trish and Moz are nice and Trish made me some fucking lovely butties to have on the coach.

Then we went to get my bus that would take me into Manchester Piccadilly, where I would catch my coach. Because she insisted we pop in for a brew I JUST about made my coach, it left 30 seconds after I sat down. It was a nice posh coach, instead of the tatty normal Megabus one, they even had big screens to watch films on but they were turned off. :(

When I got home I thought I had walked into the wrong house, every single room had been changed. My sisters and my mum had been up early and had worked their magic. One of them had even cleaned my room! I don’t like the light shade they have put in my room though, looks like rusty coat hangers weaved into a ball shape. :P

I put that because I know my nosey sister reads this. :P

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