Glad I Went!

Muta was awesome. I am really pleased that I managed to get hold of the ticket and went along. I’m guessing Reiss was delighted with seeing him as well, judging by the fact that he was constantly jabbering on about it all night after. 🙂

I will be writing a review of it pretty soon.

They put a giant green screen up at the bar so that you can not have a pint and watch the show at the same time. Apparently they have done this because they used to get idiots who would hurl their beers at the ring. What a shocking waste of alcohol!

The only downside was being stuck in front of these three annoying 15-year-old slappers with huuuuge breasts who kept yelling out which wrestler needed their arses waxed or not!

We came out of the show and got in a cab down to Angel to meet up with Jen, Will and Yvonne who is now single and on the prowl again, apparently. We ended up back at Will’s house and listened to some music channels and had a drink before leaving to head home.

The next morning I was as ill as anything. I’m not talking about scrumpy ill, I’m talking shivers and flu-like symptoms. I could barely move, I sent a text to Jayson saying I could not come to training and then got another duvet and slept for most of the day.

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