Giving Up Smoking

It is probably a bad idea but I have decided to try and give up smoking again. Normally when I attempt this I will just go cold turkey but this time I am going to try some nicotine patches and I have even started walking around with one of those electronic cigarette things that I have seen advertised all over the internet.

I haven’t gone out in public with it yet as I feel stupid.

Maybe it it this reason that I am becoming quite irritated by the hot weather now. Or maybe it is the pain from the skin peeling on my back and shoulders. I am going back down to the coast tomorrow so I think I need to start putting on cream.

I know it is a bit late for that but it will stop it from getting worse. I’ve been putting on E45 cream twice a day to try and help, it keeps the skin cool but it doesn’t stop my skin from itching.

Everything seems to irritate me at the moment. The heat at night, my dad’s girlfriend breathing through her nose really loudly, not being able to concentrate, even the kids playing outside.

Hopefully the patches will kick in soon and this will pass.

Photo by Griszka Niewiadomski from FreeImages

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