Getting Out Of Work Early Today

We were meant to switch over to a new database at work yesterday. This new database will be much better than the old Javelin one we currently use. The deadline for it to go live has been pushed back four times already and low & behold it has been pushed back again because they found 100s of bugs in the system.

We were then told that as we are moving to a new office at the weekend we will all be sent home early today (Friday) but we must make the hours up sometime next week.

For me it will mean working late 30 minutes a couple of days next week but for some it will mean having to make up about 4/5 hours next week. If that was me I’d tell the boss to fuck off.

The psoriasis on my arms is still retreating nicely, I think that if I keep applying the cream then by next weekend it will have vanished from my arms completely. Of course I’ll still have to keep applying the ointment as it will simply come back thicker and worse than ever.

I had a nice evening last night. I stayed in with some nice bottles of Black Sheep ale and got drunk listening to old records and music on the computer. Despite ‘certain people’ mocking my musical tastes it was rather enjoyable.

Image by Alfonso Cerezo from Pixabay

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