Getting Lost In The West End

I was meant to be attending Will’s 30th birthday bash at The Intrepid Fox last night but sadly things did not quite go to plan because Reiss (for one reason or another) pulled a bit of a moody on me.

I have only been to The Intrepid Fox from my house once before, the other times we have gone from another pub. Over the course of the evening I sent him two text messages, phoned his mobile twice and even phoned his house phone but for some reason he refused to answer or call me back so I was forced to try and find my own way to the pub.

I got hopelessly lost. It is not a good idea to try and find a venue when you are 75% blind. don’t wear you glasses outside and have to read street signs that are not only very high up but you also have to do it at night with no light.

I gave up and ended up drinking in some of the worst pubs in Holborn that I have ever seen, one did not even have toilets! I’m sure that is not legal!

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