Get A Job!

My dad thinks I should go and get myself a job.

I think the fact that I have been out of proper work for about 11 years, and not qualified to push a broom, might have escaped his mind.

I asked Wayne to phone up British Telecom for me on Monday, for the third time, and he ended up being put through to the manager who told him that my initial bill of £658 had been reduced to £58 because they had realised that it was not me who asked to close my accounts so they took the broadband amount off.

The manager told Wayne that I would need to pay this £58 before I can have the line reconnected. I was quite angry that the people he already spoke to did not tell him this in the first place. I told him to make a formal complaint.

Apparently the first thing the manager said to him when he was put through was “I’m in a hurry for lunch can we make this quick?”

Sadly it is not as simple as paying the £58 and getting my phone line back. I then have to get my broadband reconnected as this was closed by British Telecom as well and I have to get my phone line activated for broadband again, the last time I had to do this it cost me around £60-£70!

Although they might not charge me as it was an error on their part.

All because apparently someone (I’m the only one who knows my account number by the way) told them to close my accounts.

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