Garden Starting to Look Less Like a Jungle

Today the family of the Hillsborough disaster victims got what they have been fighting for all these years, the inquest came to the conclusion that the Liverpool fans were not responsible for what happened that day and that the police were at fault and even the stadium wasn’t up to scratch.

As someone who always believed that the tragedy was caused by too many Liverpool fans pushing their way into the ground without wanting to pay I guess I was wrong. All I can say is that a lot of people did a very good job at hiding the truth.

Dad is now being weaned off the morpheme as it is making him too groggy for the physiotherapy team to do any work with him. I refused to allow him to come home until he is strong enough to help me a little bit when moving him about. I know it might sound nasty, but I did some serious damage to my back dead-lifting him in and out of the chair before he went back into hospital and don’t want that to happen again.

While he is in hospital I have been spending some time sorting out the flat and the garden. Nobody had been out in the garden for about six months or so, so as you can imagine it was rather overgrown and in a bit of a state, but it is starting to look a lot more presentable now.

I was able to de-clutter the house and now the cupboards look more tidy and things don’t fall out at you when you open the door.

I might even think about hosting a little get together in the garden in the Summer where people bring booze and bust out a song on a troy van leeuwen guitar while everyone sings along.

Photo by Ann- Kathrin Rehse from FreeImages

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