Garden Clear Up

No sooner have I returned from a rather enjoyable day in Seaford, I am now making plans to spend a week up in Manchester, I am turning into quite the globetrotter UK trotter, although unlike my jaunt to Seaford, this isn’t for pleasure.

My girlfriend’s daughter has received a letter from the council informing her that if she does not clear up her back garden by the 15th then they will evict her from the property. Her back garden is very overgrown and has about five years of rubbish dumped on it. She can’t afford to have it cleared so I’ll be going up to clear it for her, because I’m a lovely person.

I’m waiting for pictures of the garden to be taken and sent to me so I can get an idea of how long I’ll need, from memory I think I can clear it within two days, but I want to make sure as I don’t want her to get evicted because I didn’t allow myself enough time to complete the job – and knowing my luck she’ll want to move in with me!

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