Friday the 13th Lucky?

Normally today will be a day for people to fear. Many will refuse to leave their house for fear of what bad luck may await them outside their house/flat (although bad luck can also happen in your own home – they haven’t thought about this, have they?).

But it seems to be a day of good luck so far with the death of Peter Sutcliffe and Dominic Cummings losing/quitting his job.

I received quite possibly the weirdest insult via Facebook today. It was from someone that I have never spoken to before and I certainly never had them as a friend.

“Sorry li dejjaqtek u ma nergax u qed lil mummy ukoll”

It is written in Maltese and in English it translate to:

“Sorry I hate you and I don’t come back and you’re a mummy too”


Image by J Lloa from Pixabay

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