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I don’t know why but I really thought that we could beat Sporting Hounslow. Maybe it is the fact that I have been made club captain until the end of the season or maybe it is the fact that we actually won on Sunday.

Whilst waiting with Jayson, Kerry and a few of the others at the bus stop in Greenford we were treated to the amusing site of a drunk guy at 11:30 in the morning swearing at everybody who was in his view.

I was happy to sit there, read my copy of South London Press and watch the scene before me unfold, it was only when the guy sat next to me and started talking to me that I growled at him “Fuck off out of my face!” And he did without saying anything else.

The game was nothing to write home about they beat us 3-1 thanks to three sloppy goals, one of them was my mistake, Zico pulled out of a header and left it to me to deal with but nobody told me I had a guy almost up my arse and he nicked the ball off me and chipped the keeper.

After the game we piled into a tiny pub for our post-match drink (plural for me) where I took pride in issuing Kerry with a couple of great insults about her attracting dogs, obviously being an expert at the art of insulting women I was quick to make sure I moved as I delivered the punchlines. :)

Me, Jayson, Edward and Martin decided to go for a couple of drinks to another pub that Edward knew. It was actually an enjoyable night and we had quite a laugh especially the others when I went to the toilet,

I stupidly left my phone and football bag at the table and they had changed some numbers on my phone and put some things in my bag, a menu and a pint glass – which for some reason I put back into my bag.

I needed to pee so I told Martin I’d see him later and dashed to the toilet in Ealing Broadway station but it was closed so I got on the train and saw a guy sleeping on the seats at the other end.

It was actually quite funny as we trundled along and more people got on but nobody was brave enough to move the guy and they just stood up instead. A Turkish group got on and one of them was really worried that he might be dead but some supervisor guy came on and poked him in the face and although he did not move he did start snoring so he got off and left him.

I told my brother Wayne I would be home about 5pm and I came through the door about 12:30. Good job I’m not into that whole relationship thing otherwise I’d be in serious fucking trouble!

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

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