Four Day Piss Up!

It was quite a weekend for me, seeing as my dad is in hospital having his annual bath I decided to blow most of my money on four days of drinking with a game of football thrown in for good measure.

I spent most of Thursday and Friday scrubbing the place from top to bottom, I do this when he goes into hospital otherwise he will follow me around the house telling me what I am allowed and not allowed to clean and I will get so annoyed that I have to fight the urge not to twat him over the head with the hoover!

Thursday I stayed in and attempted to drink my own weight in beer whilst listening to the excellent RockWorld music channel. I have found myself listening to this music channel more and more recently, I have discovered the awesome RockJaw show, not only is it informative but it is also very funny. The female presenter reminds me a lot of Jenna.

On Friday I was supposed to be meeting up with a few people who I have not seen in years, they were people I used to drink in Abbey Cemetery with (how classy am I!?), but for some reason it did not happen and I went out with Reiss instead.

We went up Angel (lovely girl that Angel) and had a bit of a pub crawl, starting in The Camden Head and ending up at The Mucky Pup. It was a nice evening. Reiss got talking to some girl, about the ghost in the pub, and apparently it was my fault that he did not get off with her – how dare I sit there not talking and keeping myself to myself …. HOW BLOODY DARE I!

We got the bus to Hackney and I wanted to walk the rest of the way home but for some reason Reiss was so desperate for me to get on the bus with him that he paid my fare. I had money, I just wanted to walk home and get myself a bit sobered up for the football match that I had the following afternoon.

I was quite pleased with the way I played in the game, we beat FC Riverside (AKA Freezywater) thanks to my runs and my workouts I am finding that I am a lot fitter than I have been over the previous seasons, this is clear by the fact that I am not as knackered after the games.
I was pretty pissed off that they brought everyone’s bags up but left only mine behind, I was busy putting the nets up so I thought that someone would have brought it up but it was left next to the table for over 2 hours. How nobody stole it I will never know as we were on the other side of the park.

Saturday night was another small pub crawl with Reiss, we again started at The Camden Head and ended up at The Mucky Pup. We were invited to meet up with Jenna and Yvonne at a pub called The Compton but Reiss fell in love with a Polish barmaid at a pub called The King’s Head so we ended up staying there for about four pints.
I actually spent most of the time outside the pub in the drissle because it was so fucking hot in the pub. It was so hot that even Reiss said it was “a bit warm”. I had my new coat on so I was nice and dry, whilst Reiss got wet, Hurrah!

In The Mucky Pup Reiss introduced me to a new drink which literally took my breath away. I’ll certainly be trying that again.

Reiss lost his Oyster card on the way home and he got the hump and ran off up the road, I did not know where he went, I was standing in the rain looking for him, but then I went home after deciding that he as big enough and ugly enough to look after himself … and I was starving.

On Sunday I had a very lazy day and invited my mate Paul round for a drink or 20. We got drunk and listened to Scuzz and RockWorld. Thus ending my fantastic long weekend of drinking.

Photo by Alexander Rist from FreeImages

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