Forgive Me Manowar For I Have Sinned

[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]I’m not sure if it is a sign of me getting old but my taste in music has become even more dodgy than it previously was. I’m a big fan of metal as many of you know but I also like Chas & Dave, Shakin’ Stevens & 80s music. The last three are easily forgiven and most I meet even mention a couple of songs by Chas & Dave and Shakey that they enjoy.

But lately I’ve started enjoying songs by bands and artists that I dislike. Last month (I think it was) I revealed that I really like JLS’ Beat Again song and now I’ve started to enjoy Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams. So much that the fucker is now on my Ipod!

I’ve never been a fan of Beyonce as I don’t approve of the whole “I hate men” aspect of her. Although to be far I’m a fan of ragga, especially Shabba Ranks and Buju Banton, and a lot of their lyrics are homophobic, so I’m a hypocrite. Check out Boom Bye Bye for a perfect example.

I think I need to start listening to Jazz FM again instead of Capital FM.

If I start liking grime music then please someone shoot me in the face with an elephant gun.

I’ve got a few things happening to look forward to in the coming couple of weeks which should mean that the amount of anger and misery on this blog will decrease (sorry Will, I’ll try and resume normal service as soon as possible).

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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