Foggy Brain

I awoke this morning with no hangover, why would I? I take great care to avoid them by drinking plenty of water and a couple of paracetamol , because of my immune system being worse than a newborn baby’s I suffer greater with hangovers so I go to longer lengths than most to avoid them.

What I do feel when I awake from a night of drinking is very lethargic, to the point where I have to think if I can be bothered to open my eyes never mind actually getting out of bed. My brain becomes foggy as well and I know there is going to be nothing productive coming from me for the next 24 hours.

This isn’t something I would normally worry about but now that I am actually getting a steady stream of work, and in the early stages of writing my first book, it isn’t something that I welcome.

Yes, you read that last paragraph correctly; I am in the early stages of writing my first book. It is something that is both exciting me and terrifying me in equal measure. Who is going to pay to read a book that I have written? Is there even a market for the topic I’m writing about? Am I insane? And how did I come home last night with a draw string bag that wasn’t mine?

I think the answer to most of those questions is ‘yes’ …. apart from the last one which is a mystery.

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