FMR Is Coming Back!

Well today I have decided to try and get Future Music Radio off the ground once again. I have spent most of the day tweaking and updating the website (which can be accessed at and I also installed a message board, but it is a bit bare at the moment.

The station was actually doing nicely until we were forced to close early last year due to a number of problems caused mainly by jealous rival stations and an unscrupulous domain-hosting company who sold the domain from underneath me without letting us know.

But we look to the future, which is why I renamed the station Future Music Radio. You will basically find some of the very best unsigned and independent rock, punk & indie music from all over the world, plus a number of fantastic talk shows. We will even have a football show which might be presented by me, which should be heaps of fun!


I did not go to the House Of Fun FC training session on Sunday as the session was cancelled and I did not have enough left that would enable me to go to both their training session this Sunday and then training with Acton Town on Thursday. Acton Town is my first choice, always will be. And with the news that Acton Town will be starting up a Sunday league team next season I think I might just bide my time and wait until next season.

I taped Royal Rumble for Reiss on Sunday. I don’t actually use the video for watching videos anymore because if you play a tape it chews it up, but you can record on it as long as you don’t rewind the tape.

I’d been using it to connect the DVD player to my portable TV as the portable does not have a scart socket. I’ve done it a couple of times for him before, and he normally sorts me out with a pint or two so I don’t mind doing it as I watch the show live anyway. I was not sure if it came out (I can’t play it back because of the play & rewind problems), but he told me it came out fine so yay!

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