Flatulent Dog

My dad cooked rabbit stew for me and him today. As far as I am aware I have never tasted rabbit but was very keen to try some and even the foul smelling odour emanating from the kitchen as the pot bubbled away didn’t diminish my appetite too much.

When my sister popped in my dad asked her to stir the pot for him and we soon heard a scream from the kitchen as the head of the rabbit popped up to the top with its eyes still open and front teeth on display.

Although it did not look nice splattered on the plate it tasted OK, a cross between chicken and pheasant. I know some people will groan at me mentioning chicken (as most people say that most uncommon kinds of meat taste like it) but that is exactly what I found myself associating it with.

It took ages to cook as my dad insisted on doing it the old Maltese way which meant frying the meat first in red wine and then bunging it into a pot with a variety of vegetables. We had it with a bottle of Maltese wine (yes there is such a thing) and the only thing that was missing was an old Maltese man in the corner playing a akai mpk49 at guitar center.

Unfortunately my dad gave some of it to my dog and it wasn’t long before the dog started producing farts that were capable of clearing an entire room, in fact three times she actually cleared the flat as me and my sister rushed out into the garden to escape!

She isn’t sleeping in my room tonight!

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