Fixing the Fence

I had to get up early today because we were going to have our right fence fixed, it had blown down in a storm several years ago and although it was stood up again, it was not secure and was dangerous to my father who could have been seriously hurt if it fell on him.

I got up at 6am because I was told the man was coming at 7am (they send you a text to say the man is on his way) and the extra hour would give me time to get the place a bit more tidy, pick up any dog poo in the garden, and nip to the shop to get him some milk for his tea. The lying bastard didn’t turn up until 10am.

The job took a lot longer than it should have done because the next door neighbour kept coming out to argue with him because he has to get into her garden in order to do some of the job, he had to call out his supervisor in the end to tell the woman to behave herself.

And the bastard wouldn’t accept a cup of tea or coffee from me, I have a good mind to send the council a bill for the milk that nobody drunk!

I could have done the fence myself but why should I when the council can come and do it for free and in a much quicker time? 🙂 It now makes the garden look even bigger than it previously looked

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