First Trip To The Vet

I took Roxy to the vet today for the first time. I know I should have taken her sooner but my brother was meant to book an appointment with his vet but for some reason he would not do it until today.

I only had £50.00 with me and Alan, the person who my brother lodges with, kindly offered to pay if the bill came to more than £50.00 and I simply pay the extra when I have to take her back for another injection in two weeks time.

I only went for one injection but I ended up paying for two injections (she will have her second one in two weeks), worming and some super strong flea gel which come in a pack of three and costs about £20 for each one!

The bill came to just under £100.00 and Alan paid the amount and sometime before the next appointment in a fortnight I will give him that extra £50.00. He did the same thing when I had Lauren put to sleep.

She met Rocky in the car so she was very happy play-fighting with him there and back. She is now happily sleeping behind me in my computer chair with her legs buried in my back as if she is trying to push me off the chair!

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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