First Training Session In A Year

Saturday I went to my first football training session in around a year. I had tried to prepare myself for it by doing a few runs and my patented home workout routine. But nothing made me ready for what the manager has in store for us. He is a sadistic bastard.

Considering it had been over a year since I last played football, I had put on a lot of weight, I was smoking, and I have been drinking a lot, I still managed to put in quite a good showing out of the 10 of us who bothered turning up.

Although it felt good being out there I really paid for it afterwards. My legs felt like huge weights that I had to slowly drag home. The last time my legs felt like that it turned out I have pulled my groin.

It looks like we might be going somewhere this time as the training looks more organised than before. Martin is a proper coach and knows what he is doing. He’s meant to be my friend yet he still put me through this gruelling session, the utter bastard. I’m going to introduce myself to his girlfriend now, that will teach him.

Afterwards Wayne was talking my ears off about how things were going. I’ve seen the kit design for the club and it look nice, we should get a good cheap printing deal thanks to his contact with Emperor Sports.

I’m hurting now but I’ll be ready to go back next weekend. :)

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