First Run in Four Days Almost Ends in Disaster

I couldn’t wait to get my running gear on and pound my way around Vicky Park today, it felt so good to step back onto the canal towpath and then turn into the park, so good in fact that in the haste to get out I had forgotten if I would need to poo before I left.

Half way around the park and I suddenly felt the urge to poo. This is a rookie error that I thought I had mastered, but here I was caught short once again. Thankfully I know where ALL the toilets are in the park and was only a couple of minutes from the nearest one.

Once I’d finished I tried to continue my run and it took me some time before I could get back into any kind of rhythm. It wasn’t as faster as I normally do it, but it was nice to get back out again and I felt absolutely knackered afterwards.

The weight is slowly going down a bit, I’m down to 244lbs now, I’ll still need to visit the local big men clothing store for a while longer yet, but it is going in the right direction.

I went to football training with Bow Badgers tonight, which was fun as always. It isn’t like a traditional training session, it’s like a kickabout with a bunch of mates.

Photo by Patrick Nijhuis from FreeImages

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