Firefox Sucks!

I am fully aware that saying that out loud will quite possibly get me hung drawn and quartered within some internet communities, but please hear me out before you start hunting for my address to come and get me.

I happily admit that Firefox is a better browser than Internet Explorer but there are at least two things that Internet Explorer can do that Firefox seemingly can not.

Bookmark Issue

In the three months I have been using Firefox I have had my bookmark list mysteriously wiped every couple of days. This is highly annoying as I often stumble across sites and bookmark them for future reference.

This is not some awesome feature, this is a major glitch that has not yet been addressed.


Next time you open a new window check how much memory Firefox uses, I currently have a window open and it is taking over 71,000k. Internet Explorer will take 20,000-25,000 at the most.

This is meant to be a leaner meaner browser, so why does it need around two and a half times more memory to run than Internet Explorer?

Not nice if you are running on a low RAM PC.

I know a lot of you who love Firefox will be telling me about the awesome pop-up ad blocker and such other add-ons but I am seriously thinking about moving back to Internet Explorer, at east with IE I will not keep losing my bookmarked sites every couple of days.

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