Festival Freeloaders

My knee seems to be holding out at the moment to the rigours of training. It held up to the two mile run I did on Wednesday and it held up to the four miler I managed today, although it did start to ache as I was finishing the last mile so I stopped instead of doing my scheduled five miles. But that might have been because I did three of those miles at a faster pace.

While I was running through the park I noticed a group of about 30 youths were running ahead of me and then stopping and then starting again after about a minute. I initially thought they were mocking me, something that happens a lot in the park when you run past children. But on closer inspection I noticed they were trying gates to try and get into the LoveBox festival without paying.

The gates were all locked and they would give them a very good shake and once they realised there was no way in that way they would scarper, well that’s the reason I thought, turns out there was a buggy with about four security guards in slowly following them. I even saw the youths dig their hands into the earth to try and see if they could dislodge the huge green fencing.

I am almost 100% certain they saw the gatecrashers successfully get in at a festival in Finsbury Park recently and thought they would try and do the same at this one.

Freeloading cunts. If I was going to this festival I’d be outraged at having to fork out £60+ for a ticket (for one day) while these scumbags got in for free because the organisers didn’t put on enough staff to stop them.

The radio station idea is really sitting nicely with me right now. I’m going to talk to a few people and see what develops. I was looking at my equipment today to start producing some podcasts and I’m going to have to invest in some new microphones and headphones, perhaps a couple of pairs of sennheiser hd428.

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