FC Tilburg Regents 2 Acton Town 0

Days left till holiday: 91!

This afternoon Acton Town took on the team that I scored my one and only goal against, FC Tilburg Regent in Wandsworth Common. To say getting to Wandsworth Common was a trek is an understatement.

I had to travel from Bethnal Green to Ealing Broadway (the last time we played at Wandsworth Common I tried to make my own way and got hopelessly lost and had to rely on the help of an alcoholic who charged me a pound for directions) to meet up with the rest of the team and we got on the Central line and changed to the Northern Line at Tottenham Court Road.

We got off at Clapham South and then just about made a bus that only arrives once an hour! This is South London, I’ve lived in Seaford & St Leonards where buses come along more regularly!

We lost the game 2-0, I do not like to blame people but Leon an Zico are really landing me in the shit a lot in games these days. Zico would not pick up their number 8 so I had to which meant I did not see their winger go behind me and set up their first goal.

And their second goal was scored after Zico did a silly back pass with his head and then Leon made a complete hash of clearing it.

And yet they still had the audacity to have a go at me for the two goals!

The journey home took an absolute age but as I was walking through Tottenham Court Road station to change lines there was a busker playing a funk version of Thriller, I was standing there for a couple of seconds listening to it and gave him a couple of quid – it was very good.

Reiss phoned me when I got home to ask if I was coming out to the pub, I had sent him a text earlier in the day saying I would give tonight a miss yet he still phoned me and tried to persuade me.

I was felling tired and Wayne was due to come up and I knew Reiss would insist on us both coming out.

I think I’m getting too old, there was a time when I could get in from football, have something to eat, have a bath, get fresh clothes on and then party the night away. Now I’d rather go to bed early…

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