Father Ted & Zesty Burps

Although I had cheered up a bit I had taken the decision not to go to football training as I was still rather angry and thought it might be best to avoid my normal route of confrontation. So instead I did more cleaning and fell asleep.

I think in hindsight I should have gone because I was slagged off again by someone who obviously does not realise that when you slag people off it always gets back to them, especially if you do it to people who are related to that person. :-)

The team managed to win two small games without me today so it looks like I won’t be missed that much. Which is good because I think it might do me good to put a bit of a gap between me and a few people for a bit.

I was listening to some of the CDs that I received back when I was running my unsigned internet radio station, I still have some that I have not got around to listening to so thought I’d give them a whirl. There are some talented bands around, Ragg, Girth, SOS, Tribal and Moron all got a spin on my stereo.

Ragg are my personal favourite at the moment and I was delighted to find that their Room Full of Clowns album is on Last FM, but rather sad that their Kill By Inches: The Evolution Theory album is lacking great tracks such as Brutal, Empty, Righteous One and Fear Not. I hate you Last FM!

I received another email from the same lady who emailed me about weight loss pills a couple of days ago thanking me for my kind words. She again asked me to name a couple, so I did and also repeated my earlier sentiments.

I cheered up towards the end of the day thanks to a combination of Father Ted, The IT Crowd and Thes’ disastrous attempt at cooking that left her unleashing bilious, tear-inducing, sulphurous burps. Thankfully everyone was at a safe distance.

Image by Darko Djurin from Pixabay

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