Fancy Visiting Paris?

Although as an English person I am programmed at birth to make lots of jokes about the French people; I secretly think that France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. As a child I was lucky enough to spend a couple of day trips there and a fortnight in the French countryside.

Paris in particular is known around the world as the most romantic city in the world. Every year millions of couples visit the capital of France as part of their honeymoon or a romantic weekend away. But what about if you fancy a quick weekend away and can not afford to book an expensive Hotel Paris room?

Paris Bed and Breakfast is a website that seeks to offer you a list of B&B Paris rooms that are a little bit different than the normal run-of-the-mill rooms most tourists will book. Paris Bed and Breakfast specialise in B&B’s that are run by real Parisians so you can experience holidaying in France for real. You can even practice your French!

Photo by alicia guillen from FreeImages

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