Fancy Going For Gold This Summer?

I was surfing the internet today when I came across a promotion on the Bet365 Casino web site, when I saw the name of the promotion I immediately thought that it was about the old quiz show that ran on BBC One in the UK from 1987 to 1996 that no self-respecting person who ever miss.

The name of the promotion is called Going For Gold.

What the promotion is about is the current Olympic Games that are being held in Beijing. During the games there will be 20 events on Bet365′s web site where players can compete to win cash prizes and medals. The more medals you win the higher up the leader board you will be placed and whoever is top at the end wins the top prize of £50,000.

The top 100 people in each of the 20 events will win a medal. The top 15 players will earn a Gold medal, the following 35 players will win a Silver medal and the final 50 will be rewarded with a Bronze medal.

As the world gathers for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the Casino at bet365 is marking this great occasion with their own incredible £50,000 Going For Gold promotion.

Over the course of the Olympic Games there are 20 exciting Going for Gold events taking place at bet365 where players can compete for both cash prizes and medals. The more medals that you win, the higher up the leader board you are placed and greater your chance of winning the top prizes.

In each event, the top 100 players will each win a medal. The first 15 players will receive a Gold medal, the next 35 players will win a Silver medal and the next 50 will be rewarded with a Bronze medal. At the end of the competition, players will be awarded cash prizes according to their final position on the leader board and their status in the bet365 VIP Royalty Scheme.

“We’re aiming to emulate the spirit and excitement of the Olympic Games with this promotion” explains Tom Galanis, Casino Marketing Manager at bet365. “Here anyone from many nations is welcome to participate and compete for the glory of victory. Everyone has a chance of winning a medal plus the opportunity to win one of our great cash prizes.”

As well as the Going For Gold promotion which runs from the 9th to the 24th of August, there are many other reasons to visit the Casino at bet365. These include progressive jackpots on the slots worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, the thrill of live dealer Blackjack and Roulette, an excellent Royalty Scheme and a wealth of information to help improve your game.

So whether you’re Going for Gold this August or just want to experience heart pounding fun at one of the best casinos on the internet, remember that there’s always something for everyone in the Casino at bet365.

To be honest although it is a great competition I did become a little bit sad when I discovered that the promotion had nothing to do with the classic quiz show hosted by the awesome Henry Kelly.

Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay

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