Failure & Flatulence

The game was bloody awful from a Millwall point of view, Crawley tore into us and rightly ended up winning 2-0. I don’t look too much into friendlies, as it is mainly about getting fitness and gelling your new players into the team, but Kenny Jackett must surely be as unhappy with that performance as we were, especially the donkeyesque performance from Karleigh Osborne & the laziness of Liam Trotter.

I had booked some cheap train tickets online, this is great because it means I can travel on the train for as little as £3-£7 each way, but the downside is that you have to ride on the train you book the ticket for. I had booked myself on the 6pm train back to London and I had over an hour to kill so I went off in search of a pub.

I found one after a ten minute walk, I walked in and EVERYONE turned and looked at me, it gave me flashbacks of entering a pub in Newhaven a couple of years ago, the looks got harder as I opened my mouth and ordered a pint of John Smith. I wisely decided not to stay for a second pint as not only was I getting some ugly looks but there were around 20 people standing around the pool table making farting noises in some weird competition which was annoying me.

It is a shame that it wasn’t the following morning because I could have entered this little competition with some real farts and not only won the competition but cleared the pub as well. On the train I was wondering if this pretend farting had even taken place, one thing you realise when you go to Millwall away games is that there is a lot of people packing pills and they get very generous. :)

On the train back to London a group of Asian lads got on, one of them was dressed as a bride and was made to get off at every stop so everyone could see him, they were also encouraging people to come up and have a picture taken with him and you had to put a diamond ring engagement on his finger.

I stopped off in Angel to attend Wesley’s little birthday bash, I wasn’t sure if I was going to drop by because I was proper off my face thanks to the nice men at Millwall who gave me some ‘presents’ but I thought it would be rude not to. We moved onto the Mucky Pup where Reiss let his girlfriend loose on the pool table, I watched as her eyes never left the table, even when she was facing the opposite way, he has created a monster by introducing her to pool.

The world holds its breath.

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