Failing To Do It Right

I returned to football Saturday. First game since I was kicked off the team for daring to question the manager’s decisions. To be honest I sort of wish I didn’t bother going back. All I got were bollockings and abuse from pretty much every player on the team.

Everything I tried to do was wrong. I pushed up and got shouted at, I stayed back and got shouted at, I got stuck into challenges and got shouted at, I pull out of challenges and got shouted at, no matter who I passed to I got shouted at.

One of the opposition players threatened to stab me, I told him to come and try his luck, I got shouted at for starting trouble. :/ The manager has decided not to put a complaint in to the league about that for some reason.

At full time one of the players on my team, who was giving me abuse, came over and tried to make a joke by touching me. I slapped his hand away and told him to get his hands off me. Don’t stand there for 30 minutes shouting at me and then expect me to joke and laugh with you afterwards.

I walked home from Beckton (not that far, about five/six miles) as I was in a foul mood and you don’t want me on public transport when I’m like that. It only takes one bump or someone looking at me for it to kick off.

I got home, switched on my computer and walked into a huge wall of anger and hate from someone who was very pissed at me for something I’m pretty sure I haven’t done. Sadly, back then I was too drunk to remember 100% the incident they were talking about.

I spent a couple of hours trying to defend myself and convince this person that I don’t hate them but I very rarely make any sense with my writing and I think I just succeeded in making things a hundred times worse.

I haven’t spoken to this person for a couple of days and I honestly think that is a good thing as we only argue and bicker when we talk and I have noticed that when we don’t talk this person becomes a lot happier.

I’ve spent the last two days pretty much glued to my bed. The only time I’ve got up is to take the dog down and as soon as I came back I went back to bed. Sometimes being really tired all the time has it’s good side.

As I type this we are in day three of me being in bed, although sadly I have to get up in a minute to go to the job centre.

Image by Public Co from Pixabay

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