Facebook Gets More Attention Than I Do

I am at a bit of a loss at the moment. I’ve been staying with my new girlfriend for the past two weeks or so as she has moved back to her flat and is petrified of being on her own there. I thought it would be nice but I think I might have been sorely wrong.

I make regular trips back to my flat to do various things and every five minutes she is texting me asking when I’ll be back. She has only left the flat twice since she has been back and they were quick trips to the shop.

All she does is sit in the chair and chat on Facebook. I have to pretty much force her to eat at times. Even when she has a bath she had her mobile with her so she can go on Facebook as she washes.

She is so thin now her dad has even mentioned maybe taking some women’s vitamins to help her as she will happily go without food if she is involved in a decent convo on Facebook.

Last week I got a bit upset about some bad news that I received and she gave me a hug to comfort me but she still had her mobile in her hand and was tapping away over my shoulder.

To be honest it is doing my head in sitting in the flat all day, which is why I’m popping home so much, just to have something to do. There are some nice comedy & music gigs going on which I can’t go to because she doesn’t want to go out and doesn’t want to be left on her own either.

She is more interested in going to weekend raves than sorting out her benefits to have money for light, gas & food.

I tried to talk to her about it last night but she just got the hump with me and ignored me. Her dad is staying for the weekend so I’m going home for a couple of days. Maybe he can talk some fucking sense into her because I can’t seem too.

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