Extra Training & Playing Swedes At Poker

I got a text Friday informing me that Acton Town’s home game against Harrow had been postponed due to a waterlogged pitch. Our home pitch is located just next to the River Brent, and our pitch is naturally boggy, so whenever we get a lot of rain the pitch gets flooded.

We were meant to meet up for a training session but only a handful of us turned up for it, I’m guessing the people who did not turn up were the same folk who moaned about our fitness training on Thursday.

We did some easy training and ended up by having some freekick practice, I score a beauty past Edward who instantly moaned about not seeing who was taking the shot because his wall as in the way. Excuses excuses!

After training me, Jayson, Chris, Martin and Phil popped along to a pub and had a pint and something to eat, it is this kind of thing that we are hoping that other players will take part in as it will help team bonding.

About 9pm Reiss and Wes came knocking and we went to The Mucky Pup, Bernie and Kenny were playing a set and it went down very well as the entire pub was singing along to their cover versions.

Me & Reiss moved on to meet his Swedish friends in Stoke Newington as they were having a little house party type affair.

Marie was there, I have only met her a couple of times when she was dating Reiss and both times she has not exactly taken to me (I remember when I went to her little house party and she spent the entire evening glaring at me) but tonight she was quite cool and actually spoke to me several times and hugged me as I left.

We ended up playing poker until about 6am and Marie claimed that she was new to playing poker but it turns out that she is a hustler because her and Michael (the host) took us to the cleaners.

On the way home the 106 bus would not stop so Reiss decided to place a spell on the driver, as you do, and then spent the rest of the journey home almost in tears at the thought of the bus driver dying due to him placing said spell on him.

Reiss believes in black magic, devil worshipping and that sort of crap. It is actually quite a funny sight when he plays pool he will dance around using the cue as a sword in a desperate bid to bring up spirits to help him win.

Obviously he had a bit too much to drink as he only gets like this when he is absolutely smashed.

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